Lapstick travel guitar customer reviews

Here are some of the reactions I have received from my customers. If you own a Lapstick and you haven't contacted me, please do and send me your impressions and criticisms. Oh yeah, send a photo if you have one!

Alternatively, you may post a message in the forum.

Phil Neal

guitar builder portrait P Neal

2012 Lapstick travel guitar customer reactions

Thanks Phil!


My husband loves his new Lapstick and we'll be bringing it with us on our trip in a few days. I will forward these instructions to his email so he can refer to them more easily. If he has any questions, he'll email you directly. His name is Don .

Beautiful instrument!! Thanks!



Hi Phil,


The Guitar is arrived, it is very nice, I’m very happy with the sound and it’s extremely well done finishing touches.

It takes more time that I was expected but the result is wonderful.


Many Thanks


Giuseppe Spada

Hi Phil ,

It just arrived . You know what .. I just love it ! I got it out the box and laughed ... Check out this little guy !

It is just what I need when on business . I love the shortened scale ... Excellent for practice . Been playing it for an hour and went back to my musicman .. Nearly got lost between frets ! 

It's just great and hangs so well with the strap too . 

Well done you and many thanks for chasing the tracking .

Cheers ,



Hi Lapstick Team!


This isn't really a service email, just more of a hello and thanks. 

It's GREAT. Really the best travel guitar in the world- Very glad I found this. 

Thanks and keep up the good work.


Best regards,




How is the guitar buisiness? 

I enjoy using your Lapstick creation every day on the Long Island RaliRoad and I have gone from a beginner to advanced intermediate in less than a year. I have worn the black finish off my bridge and have a couple of chips but my lapstick is only gaining more charecter each day.Friends are shocked when they hear me play. Thank you. 

Have you received your new preamps? 

Let me know when you are ready to work on my instrument. 



Steve Battiste

Good Evening Phil,


My name is Chris Cancialosi and I ordered a lapstick from you about ayear and a half ago (when I lived in NYC). I LOVE it! Thank you forcreating such a fantastic instrument. I travel fairly often for work and I liketo practice on long flights.




Hi Phil


I've had my lapstick round 3 months now and just wanted to say thanks again for making such a great product. I use it pretty much every day on the train to work, mostly practicing legato runs and chord changes, but also parts of songs that I'm stuggling with. It really helps me to practice regularly, especially when I am busy at work, and allows me to make productive use of my commute. I'm also pleasantly surprised that I don't get more odd looks on the train - thank goodness for English reserve!


Best wishes 


Thanks again,


I supposed all you told me, anyway Lapstick still be a an unbelievable intuition and a great intrument.





Loving the lapstick. It's a real lifesaver when on the road and agreat instrument at home as well.

Very Best,




just wanted to say thanks for the Lapstick-great product- a true instrument-a travel's dream. Fred.

Hi Phil.


The lapstick is here at last:)

It looks great sounds great and feels great!

Thank you, and have a nice summer:)


Best Regards,


Dear Phil,

I just received the instruments yesterday. First impressions: awesome look and just fabulous sound. I am stunned by the size of it which I still imagined bigger from the pictures: and what a sound for such a small guitar ! A bit high pitch as I have started with A tuning but will try G in a few days to see which sound best. What gauge would be best and doesn’t affect the bend of the instrument on the long term ? 10-46 or hybrid ? 

Anyway great job, I am very happy (like my guitar professor which I offered the other lapstick) and thank you very much. 

We will be in touch


Kind regards, 


Thanks Phil for everything....all is in order. 

Playing the Lapstick reminds me of an ultra light canoe that I used to had it's own rules...if you didn't learn them then you were going to get wet. 

Everything that I read anticipating the Lapstick arrival is absolutely takes a couple of hours to get your bearings and in the process I would find myself thinking .... I might have done this differently, but on more careful analysis, what ever I imagined could have been improved had clearly been thought through very carefully and thoughtfully. 

I was particularly pleased to receive the updated pre just as I would hope....more variety than the earlier version. The other thing I was very pleased with was the sustain...very impressive. 

In my work with pianos, I have the opportunity to sculpture the sound of quality instruments ...very satisfying. It is evident that you enjoy that private pleasure in your guitar building. 

I am most excited that I now have the choice to take a high quality guitar when I travel and I will no longer be limited to harmonica. 

Thanks for all....I hope the internet sales landscape does not overwhelm you.


Be well, and thanks for the new companion. 


Hi Phil. I got the guitar felt like Christmas and it was worth the wait! The instrument is impressive to look at. I love the mahogany/chrome combination. The only minor suggestion (don't take offense as I'm not meaning to offend) is use a less purple-ish color for the center wood on the back...maybe more red...brown or gray or tan or black? In other words, a more manly color (grin). It's subjective, I know...and not meant to offend. You do beautiful work and I am happy with the instrument. 

I listened to the onboard amp, but there is no substitute for a real PA with effects and this sounded great. At first I wasn't liking the A tuning, so I tried other tunings such as E...yeah yeah...I know...then F and finally back to A. E and F were a bit unstable (I see your point)...although the sound was much more familiar. When I retuned to don't know what happened but maybe I was getting more comfortable with the fret spacing or the strings settled in, but I am quite happy with the A tuning. I don't transpose any of the notes and just play the regular chords and it sounds great to my ears. 

Love the size! I use it with my iphone and all my gear fits into that leather case (great option that I hope you continue with).

Dear Phil,


Thanks for your reply and the technical information 

In fact I haven’t broken a single string yet, although I did take a couple of sets with me on my last crossing. 

Now that I am on the other side I can tell you that I think the Lapstick is really great!

This was my first trip with the Lapstick that I was standing long watches. Previously I had left it at home but on this trip I was able to play every night, for hours on end. Usually I play without the headphones, just acoustic. I found playing the guitar really helped to stay awake too. The Lapstick contributes to seafaring safety, who would have guessed? 

Over the years I have taken four different travel guitars to sea. Your Lapstick is head and shoulders above the rest, simply because everything has been reduced to the necessary functions and these function very well. Great, absolutely. 

This instrument is very close to perfection.


Best regards,




The beauty of your design, is its simplicity. Like I said, I can play it in flight because of its perfect size, great design, and especially its simplicity!


Thanks again,


Hi Phil,


The guitar arrived today. It's beautiful! Thank you so much. I wish I had one of these years ago. Will make traveling so much more fun from now on. It even fits in my carry on - laptop bag. So good :) 




Hi Phil,


Thank you. The instrument arrived safely by mail. What a nice and very well made instrument. It was worth waiting for it. For sure I will recommend it to my friends.




Hey Phil


I have the guitar in hand and absolutely love it! 

It was worth the wait. 

Thanks for doing such a nice job.


Matt Peterson

Hey Phil!


Thank you again and so much for the good time and the excellent instrument you made for me! I played it all the way back to Berlin, so great, that i could not leave the fingers off... biggest respects for you! 

Definitely I will look how to send some good sound wood from Mexico, from my veracruz friend which make these extraordinary instruments over there (jarana jarocha). 

The best electric travel is without any doubt your Lapstick!!!



Best regards from Berlin!


Hi Phil


The guitar arrived yesterday. It is just as I hoped it would be. Can't tell you pleased I am with it. Well worth the wait. Really appreciate your craftsmanship, lovely instrument.

Good luck in the future Best regards



Hi Phil-


The instrument did indeed arrive. It is beautiful and I have already taken it on two trips in the short time I have had it. Well worth the wait.


Best wishes for the New Year-


Hi Phil-


The Lapstick arrived in perfect shape the other day and, WOW, she IS beautiful! 

So much so, I was actually nervous to pick her up and try playing something. She sounded great through my headphones right from the start, then after some fine tuning things got even better from there. To be honest, while I was sold on her looks right from the start, I wasn't quite prepared for how much fun was to be had by simply going over some long ago memorized tunes, scales and riffs. This really is a kick. 

With my work's travel season a few months off, I hope to take the time to adjust my skills and techniques some so I might do this beauty justice - - maybe that's being optimistic for my particular talent, but I do look forward to the change-of-pace the Lapstick offers. Both the new skill challenges, as well as the new opportunities of travel. 

Once again - THANKS - she's a beautiful guitar, and I do appreciate all your work and artistry...and patience, in getting her to me. It was a pleasure working with you throughout, and now . . . the pleasure is all mine. I love her!




2011 Lapstick travel guitar customer reactions

Hi Phil,

My lapstick just arrived today. Whoo-hoo! (It's been a while since I felt like a kid at Christmas!)
I'll give you all of my impressions so far:
It makes a GREAT first impression. The package is so small, the case is small and seems to be padded well. When in my hands it is smaller than I imagined. I figured out where to connect the strap - no harm inserting it into the 1/4" headphone jack". :-) Of course I played with the strap adjustment height, and your recommendation (I saw somewhere - just above the lap while sitting) seems spot on. I played for about 30 minutes and enjoyed it. I was gravitating towards more lead playing than usual, which is great because that is what I should be working on. Chords and some other stuff I usually play (SRV "Pride and Joy", STP "Plush") will need some more getting used to. I'll be playing more over the weekend!
It fits in my carry-on backpack, just like I figured. I'll probably be bringing it to Calker Caye next, a laid back small island off the coast of Belize.
I wondered about the knobs on the back. From what I read and can tell playing with it so far: one of them is volume, another is gain, and another is tone. Which is which? I do like the sound! It sounds good in my good earphones and my crummy old phone earbud. I will get a cable to connect it to my netbook next, I'll dig up an effects program I've used in the past and I have some recording software. Best part of course will be the portability and the additional practice time. Plus the novelty, of course.
I can't compare the new pickup and preamp to the old, but what I have leaves one hek of a good first impression.
One other question: I have your email instructions for tuning that you emailed me a couple of weeks ago. Do you happen to have that is in pdf format? I wanted to save the email as a normal file(s), and thought I'd ask before I fussed with it.
Great product. Kudos to you for making the world a better place!


Hi Phil,

thank you very much.I become more and more familiar with this wonderful instrument you built.
Great Stuff - and the sound is really good over a big amplifier. I use a modelling amp (zentera) with a zehn turbooster for the analog sound.
I'm happy!!
Best wishes to you


Hi Phil,

I just want to thank you so much for the shipment of a very fine instrument. I'm glad that I was long suffering because the Lapstick was really worth waiting for. It's amazingly addictive. I have had it for a few days now and I feel sorry for my girlfriend because she didn't get as much attention as she deserves since the day that the Lapstick arrived. She is fortunately very understanding and she also think it's very cute. The natural tone is great and the playability is fabulous. When I run it through with my Line6 pocketPOD I can get real fat sounds out of it. I couldn't be happier :D
Keep up the good work and I wish you the best and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!

Best Regards
Bo Emanuelson

Hi Phil,
I received my lapstick guitar yesterday, and I wanted to congratulate you for your work. You can be proud of it, the instrument is really great.
Sure I won't travel whitout my lapstick guitar !

The Lapstick is a great instrument. Mine plays like butter. Every guitar player should have one, as any decent guitarist will tell you that fingers rust quickly so they need constant exercise. Your creation makes it happen. I look forward to having it with me again, wherever I go.
Have a very Merry Christmas, Neal. I will write soon.
All my best,

Dear Phil,

Was unable to get the instrument before my trip but was very excited to get it when I returned. It does look fabulous and plays really well and I am really very happy with it. I have been experimenting and have found that using heavier gauge strings and tuned to a regular pitch actually works quite well and suites my style. Expect to be getting lots of useful practice in with the Lapstick.

Thanks for all your help and wish you the best



Hi Phil.

I am very happy. Wait was worth it. I love it .

I've tuned in to the lapstick in A.

The sound is better , but I think I will change the strings to tune in E, using 0.13-0.65 gauge strings .

Thanks for everything and good luck. Take care.



Hi Phil,

I have received my Lapstick and I'm very happy. I send you a picture which has been taken at home, in my garden...
Best regards.


Hi Phil,

That's a good coincidence, I just received the gigbag yesterday and was about to write to you about it today.

I got my local luthier to install it for me with the instructions you provided and the new preamp is great! That AlNiCo pickup also sounds very good.

I'm finally going to be able to carry it without worrying about the case ripping open and letting the Lapstick fall.

Also as for portable amps to go with the lapstick, have you had the time to check out Amplitube and Ampkit for iPod/iPad/iPhone ? They are fantastic little apps. Very cheap and lots of features even when you start purchasing all their in store add-on amps and pedal effects. I used to have the Boss Micro-BR I gave a review on your forum about but I sold it in favor of these two apps which are as good and more convenient. You can also record with them. Amplitube has a 4 track recorder available while ampkit seems to be compatible with external recording software for iPod/iPad.

Try it out!

Thanks for everything and for your patience. I'm all set now :)

Best Regards,

hi phil,

i think it’s time to send you a short mail.
I took a little time to play and traveling with your lapstick guitar. I’m really impresst from this tiny instrument. really, i fall in love with my lapstick. retrospective, every single day waiting fort this guitar has been worth. Phil, thanks shipping me a so good sounding and nice playing quality instrument.

Oliver, Germany

i would like to share a little you tube clip, playing my Lapstickinstrument.

With regard to your product, this is by far the highest quality travel guitar that I'm aware of, and it was a pleasure doing business with an honest craftsman. I am going to take the easy way out and tune the guitar to A, and force myself to learn the neck. Licks are not a problem. It's a little bit more difficult to remember where various chords are on the neck. I think the lapstick will make me a better player.

Matt USA

Hi Phil, yes thanks a lot. I picked it up at the post station, as I only returned last saturday from Rome for the weekend. Thanks a lot for the new Gig Bag and for setting up the instrument. I will have a chance to test it this week as I am in Rome again.
I wanted to share this with you: last year I took the lapstick with me aboard some airplanes and did some in-flight practising. I did get some nice comments and attention. People were really happy to see somebody playing music during the flights........

Jürgen UK

Hello Phil,

I received the Lapstick yesterday, which is well in advance of my trip, and I must say that your guitar is wonderful. I was a bit apprehensive, given the small scale and the small space on which to rest my right hand, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well the guitar felt once I got used to it. I noticed that the strap length had a great deal to do with how easily I could play the guitar.

I brought it to a friend's home and watched him play it through an amp. He, too, was surprised at how easy it was to play, and we were both impressed with the tone that the Lapstick produced. Like me, he was apprehensive about the guitar's smaller scale, but he had very little problem maneuvering about the neck once he got his bearings.

I tried tuning the guitar to standard tuning (EADGBE), and found that it was more difficult to keep the guitar in tune. Once I tuned it back up to A, I found the guitar to be much easier to play, and that it stays in tune. Although I'd like to be able to tune the guitar down to standard tuning, I am fine with playing it in its current tuning. If you have any suggestions regarding tuning, let me know.

I also would like apologize if I gave you the impression that I'm an impatient or pushy person; I'm actually really easy-going. I've had a couple of negative experiences shopping online, and I was a bit leery about ordering an instrument sight unseen. Sometimes, you have take a chance. In your case, I'm glad I took a chance, for this guitar is going to travel with me all over the place.



Hey Phil,

I received my Lapstick a couple of hours ago, and was pleasantly surprised at how small it actually is. It really is perfect for travel. I quickly adapted to the smaller scale fretboard, which really is no problem at all. The sound delivered through the headphones is very nice, and I like what I hear when I plug into my Fender Amp. Finally, in terms of appearance, the Lapstick is a work of art. I am very satisfied.

Thank you,


I wanted to let you know that over the last six months my lapstick has gone with me to Palau, Yap, the former Netherlands Antilles, Japan, South Africa, Namibia and Swaziland. It plays great and I love it. I did want to see about getting a new pick-up for it though, as mine had floated around loosely and I think the phlanges that hold it under the screws are chipped.
It's still secured with electrician's tape, but I worry about how long I can continue with that. Let me know what we can do, whether I should send it back to you so you can replace the pickup or if that's something I can do here.

Andrew Jorgensen

Hi phil - I have literally just got in to Nashville and yes I did get the guitar before I left! It made a long trip far more fun. I'll let you know how I'm getting on with it in a little while once I'm better acquainted. Thanks for everything.

Safely received thanks Phil. Looks great and can’t wait to put it through amp tonight. Unbelievable how much shift you get from bending notes J

Diolch yn fawr iawn which is my native Welsh for ‘thanks’.


Hi paul, for future reference can you send me the instruction for how the battery is changed? I took it to guitar practice, and my teacher loves it, said it was the best he has ever seen!

Sincerely, Jackie

Great News, Phil. My Lapstick arrived on my doorstop today! And I have Sunday off tomorrow to play with it. It's a beauty. Thanks so much for your effort. Will keep you posted.


Hi Phil,

Thanks for the additional info and pictures regarding string changing, etc.

As you received the delivery notice you know the instrument was delivered last Saturday.

After playing it for a week, I have to say this is a wonderful addiction! The instrument looks and sounds beautiful. The ability to mix mp3 player and guitar via preamp and monitor through headphones (Bose in ear) cannot be overstated. The precision required to play accurately is a challenge to better technique. Considering the necks violinists and violists play on, there are no excuses.

Thank you, 50 times, for this incredible new companion.

Britt Bierman


My Lapstick arrived safely. Wow it is small! About 4 inches shorter than my ukulele and it sounds great! I tuned it down to standard tuning and it still sounded pretty good but I will probably experiment with heavier strings (any recommendations?).

The guitar arrived at a perfect time since it looks like I will be travelling to Japan in a couple of weeks.

As a sailor I am always looking for the perfect travel instrument. My previous travel guitar was small enough to stow in my locker on the ship but still too long to comfortably carry on a plane. I also took up mandolin and ukulele. The uke has been the most travel friendly instrument until now, but it's not a guitar. And while small enough to play almost anywhere, not everybody appreciates live performances.

In my opinion the Lapstick is the perfect travel guitar. The smaller scale takes very little to get used to (I did have to look at my fingers a couple of times). The small size and headphones means I can play it just about anywhere. It fits in my motorcycle's saddlebags or in a small backpack and it is beautiful to look at. Now I can't wait for my trip to see how it actually works out on an airplane or train.

One last thing, after actually playing it I do agree that there is no need for a full length scale Lapstick. I would highly recommend the Lapstick to anyone who travels or simply wants a guitar they can take just about anywhere.

Thanks Phil.

Respectfully, Jose

Thanks. You very much. Your lapstick is just amazing. Thank you again

Phil, I received the instrument and first impressions are great. Kool instrument, nicely crafted, incredible sound for something that small.

Tuning knobs turn pretty hard - can I grease them?

Hi Phil,

My Lapstick arrived this morning in good order. It is all what you promised, compact but sounds great.

Thanks and best regards


I received my Lapstick on Friday. I'm loving it. It looks as great as it sounds.

I've found I started bringing my guitar everywhere. I'll wear it around the house for a couple hours, just noodling without headphones - whether hanging out in the kitchen or watching a movie with the family.

This is going to be a real life-changer. No more wasting time in hotel rooms. Thanks again!


Day before Xmas eve, Phil - and it's a beauty... can't believe the sound. Have it (shamefully) tuned down to E with 0.12s on it, and running through Amplitube on the iPhone - and am currently playing spot-the-difference between the lapstick and my PRS ... there isn't much in it. All I need us an inflatable amp and I have the world's lightest kit... Anyway - nice one, Phil, and all power to you for '11. Better put the stick down & go and cook this damn turkey. have a good xmas -


Hey Phil,

The lapstick arrived safely sometime yesterday evening, just wanted to send you an e-mail letting you know I've got it. It sounds and plays great, definitely exceeded my expectations.

Thanks for the product!

Hi Phil,

I just got an instrument.

So, I like it. It definitely meet my needs.
Thank you very much.

Good luck with your Lapstick business. It is very, very helpful.


it arrived a couple of days ago. everything i could wish for! it's great! many thanks.
have a great Christmas,



I forgot to email you last week that I received my lapstick and it is a blast! I am traveling with it and my pandora and it is great!


Hi Phil,

I received the lapstick and passed it on to my buddy who flipped out when he saw it! It looked and sounded amazing. Thanks for all your communication and amazing product. I wish you all the best ahead/

Thanks again
Best Regards,

Neal Fitzgerald

2010 Lapstick travel guitar customer reactions


I received my Lapstick and let me tell you, it is AWESOME!  It looks nicer than my beloved black old model.  The case seems to have a nicer lining in it as well and the new pre-amp is head and shoulders over the old one.  Thanks for working with me on it and for building a beautiful quality instrument.

Thank you,


Hi Phil,

I just wanted to touch base and say that i finally had a chance to plug the lapstick in - i was amazed by the sound of this small guitar. It really sounds terrific. My fingers still need to adjust but it is defintely a lot of fun to play with it. The new preamp seems to function very well. I still need to play more with the different setting to find the best sound but it is really astonishing what comes out of the instrument in relation to a full sized guitar. It will be a lot of fun to travel with it! And of course, it is true - it is an instrument in its own right and i definitely see myself using it in recording.
All the best,

Got my lapstick on Wednesday and I love it!  The action is perfect.  First guitar I've ever gotten that was 100% playable out of the box.  It was far easier to get used to than described in the reviews.  I have taken it to work for the last two days and have found time to play in breaks.  I showed my guitar teacher and he had a bemused expression on his face the whole time he played it.  He was very impressed.  I showed it to the luthier I use here and he told me not to bring it in to him for any work, because I'd have a hard time getting it back.  All in all, I'm even more pleased than I thought I would be.  Thanks for getting it to me in time for my trip.  I can't wait to play it on the plane!
Jim K

Hi Phil,
Just to let you know, I'm extremely impressed with the Lapstick. It is a phenomenal piece of design, and stinks of quality. Lovely to play. So one more satisfied customer here!
All the best,

Hi Phil
i have just receive my Lapstick this morning
The guitar is 100% OK, It's truly a work of art
it's so beautiful
thank again, you are the best ;-)
Marc, Paris

Hi Phil,
good news - lapstick arrived safe and sound.   Many thanks !
i'm very impressed overall -  the sound and playability are amove my expectations. :0)  
i took it along to my funk band rehearsal, and all were impressed with the sound - it really sounds like a great guitar and holds it's own.
I'm interested to experiment with different string gauges and tunings, as it's a little tricky to transpose in my head...  i've heard people manage to use 14gauge and tune down to E,  but the 10gauge strings feel fine at the moment and won't be problem when playing solo.
thanks again for a great instrument,  looking forward to taking it on my long flight to taiwan next week..

Hi Phil,
It arrived this morning! (from Germany?), anyhow, what can I say?
It is a beautiful instrument, thank you for your help and patience with me trying to decide the right colour
cause I absolutely did, the black is beautiful, the finish, the tuners etc, it's like a miniature of my favourite
guitar at home, (Tanglewood - Tomkat).
As I mentioned previously I also have a Hohner G3t an Ozark travel guitar and a Yamaha Silent guitar all of which
I got for travelling. The Hohner G3t is probably the closest, and they're all good guitars but this beats them all
for portability and is equal if not better in terms of craftmanship. It is a testament to your engineering and
knowledge of the guitar. No more lugging that great big flight case for my Ozark through customs!
As already stated I am not an accomplished player but thought that carrying a guitar more often would improve my
playing, I also read that the Lapstick's playing requirements help playing skills too, but although I started off a little tentatively
in the shallow end, with the low frets, I quickly became comfortable higher up the fretboard. I don't really feel
qualified to say but it feels like there really is a difference in playability due to it being set up with the 'Plek' system,
(I got the first one, which makes my Lapstick feel even more unique!), as there just seems to be a smoother feel
whilst playing compared to my other guitars. It also sounds great, equal at least to my Hohner, which has the
same pick-up make. 
 Like everyone says on the forums it's even smaller than expected, and as I'm no Jimi Hendrix, I took the box off the
Postman and thought,"no way, how the hell is this a guitar, how am I going to play it?", but within twenty minutes
it felt much more comfortable. It's heavier than it looks which I'm really pleased about, makes it beautifully balanced
for me.
Bag, straps,well made, nice touch too.
You zip it up, put your wires, portable f.x etc in, sling it over your shoulder, and you literally have an electric
guitar in a bag! I have it here by my side at work and still can't believe there's a guitar in there!   
Big Thanks again for all your help and patience. 

Hi Phil,
Thanks, the lapstick had arrived.
I'm loving it. :-)

the Lapstick which is my main axe now since day 1
ERic Mauritius

I got it and it's great!  Thanks for the great service and instrument.  Also, can you send me info on the other guitars you make and sell?

Hi Phil
It received it today.
It ‘s very wonderfulÅI
Thank youÅIÅI
Kazunori Ichinoseki

Hi Phil,
I got the new "fat" lapstick. Unfortunately I had no time to get familiar with
it immediately, but now I finally did it.
What I can say, it is just perfect. Thank you very much for your job. The bridge
pickup sounds great.
 What is pretty nice in it - it has really bright tone. When you tune the
instrument down, for exmaple in F# like me, needless to say the sound loses
some high frequencies. On the one hand, I love this muffled tone, when I heard
it fisrt time at youtube I fell in love with it and it was the first great
incitement to by a lapstick. On the other hand it would be cool to have
sometimes also a bright tone. And this second pickup provides it.  I play a lot
with slide through distortion, and for such a use it is indeed perfect.
 What I would advice for further improvement of the 2-pickup-lapstick concept is
to balance somehow sound levels of the bridge and the neck pickups. The bridge
pickup is perceptibly louder(but maybe it is so only with my amp, I still
didn't try it with the other amps). For me it's not really relevant, 'cause I
tend to use one pickup in one song, but maybe it helps you by designing new
 What about photos, unfortunetely I had to cancel the gig, but I'm doing some
more gigs in this sommer, and as I make some good photos or vieos with the
lapstick I will immediately sent it to you.
 Thank you one more time and good luck!
Best Regards,

Hi Phil
Even more so than I expected. A really good musical instrument. All compliments to you guys. I stuck it through the Orange Tube just to see what came out and ..........boom........ Great sounds as well.
A nicely setup neck. I was concerned about 10 gauge but its hardly an issue with this little guy.
The customs had a peak inside but probably thought it was a Miniature  Vuvuzela and let it go........................
Once again thanx very much and Ill spread a little magic around here for those who wish to be small but play big.
I am in the south of France in the new year so it will really help the blues during travel I can assure you.
You take care and thank your mate up there in Singapore
Lindsay, South Afrika

It's here!!   Too nice to play; maybe I'll just hang it on the
wall to admire....
Very Nice,
Thank you.....
Eppa, US

LOL!!! Ya know I looked at that pic ten times and didn't even catch that, I gotta tell you I absolutely love this instrument, the quality is fantastic, the finish is excellent, everybody loves it. I will look at some more of your on line pics and decide on a color, clear is what I like because I like to show off the grain of the wood. But I prefer a maple neck for some reason, dark wood on the back looks pretty cool too. If you can give me any suggestions I would appreciate it, I'm definitely open to suggestions.
I would love to use a Seymour Duncan  Mini Humbucker. I use his products a great deal.

Dear Phil,
I have been traveling and have very much enjoyed bringing the lapstick with me. I commend you for making a quality instrument in miniature. I have found the playability to be excellent and the set-up was perfect. The finish is also very nice. The sound quality through a conventional amp and through the headphones is excellent. The lapstick fits nicely in my carry on bag and I can keep an eye on it during the trip.

This is exactly what I was looking for. I own 18 high-end acoustic and electric guitars but have never traveled with them for obvious reasons. This has been a problem for me because I travel a great deal (no guitar playing on the road).

I did a great deal of research before purchasing the lapstick and am very happy with my choice. The lapstick is indeed the perfect solution of the traveling "minstrel".

Thanks again.
Dr. Mark Lovell
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I love it. Looks great too. 

Hi Phil
I got her today! She's awesome i couldn't be happier with her or the service you guys have provided me with. Thanks for all the help and an excellent product. I'll be plugging in and showing off my lapstick to whoever will listen.
Peace out
Ryan Neale!!!

Hi Phil,
I got the Lapstick today and am totally delighted! It already had an opportunity to prove it's worth. Today it was raining which meant I had to arrive at my daughter's school 15 min. earlier to get a parking spot. Turned out to be time well spent!

I am so impressed by all your attention to detail. The custom shaped shipping box. The Lapstick outline on the top of the gig bag. The attractive lining inside the gig bag. And of course the instrument itself! I was impressed by how much engineering went into even little things like the string end cover at the head of the neck. The sound quality is awesome. Absolutely top notch all around. Thank you so much!

with deepest appreciation,

Namaste Phil
Just thought I'd let drop you a line to let you know the Lapstick came through my 6 week, 8,500km motorcycle trek across northern India.

A few scrapes and sadly one wee chunk knocked out of the body, but it plays just fine. As evidence I attach a pic of me playing at 4000m in Dankhar village, in the remote old Tibetan Kingdom of Spiti.


Best wishes,
Fred (the shred)


Hope all is well with you.  I just wanted to mention how much I am enjoying the Lapstick.  It's funny, I have been looking for a high-quality full sized electric guitar for a long time now.  I really wanted one with a set neck or neck-thorough-body that only had one pickup in the bridge position and, at the very most, one volume and one tone control.  I also wanted something in a natural finish with no plastic pick guard.  Most of the guitars made this way are really inexpensive beginner guitars.  I guess I found what I wanted in your travel guitar.  I like the less-is-more idea of it.

I discovered another great use for it.  Since I work in Virginia and the corporate office is in San Antonio, I participate in a lot of video conference meetings using a web cam.  I found out if I set my web cam for a head-and-shoulders view, I can play the Lapstick with the body sitting in my lap and have it totally out of sight.  I actually use it with no headphones or amp and can hear it fine just from the resonation of the strings.  If anyone in the meetings hears a faint melody through my headset mic, they probably think it is from a nearby radio being played.  By doing this, I am able to practice guitar for an hour straight during excruciating Tuesday afternoon staff meetings with upper managers droning on.  Talk about multi-tasking!  I can finally make good use of that time and no one is the wiser.

I will be ordering the Pandora soon.  I am considering the next model up, which can link to a computer via USB for recording.

Best wishes.  Have a great day.


Hi Phil,
I received the lapstick today in perfect condition.

I have to say it took me about 30 mins of playing to adjust and now I feel it is a truly fantastic instrument. The design and workmanship is astounding and it has a surprisingly beautiful tone which i didnt expect. I'm sure my fellow guitarists who see it will want one of there own. Thank you for the great instrument and just as important the excellent service, I am sincerely impressed and very pleased with the purchase.

Thanks and Regards
Karan Anand


Thanks for your reply.  I would appreciate it you could send me a set of clamping screws.

I don't know if I am familiar with the the Pandora.  What is it?  I am actually traveling with both headphones and a very small smokey amp.  The Lapstick is working great.

I am looking forward to hearing more about the new preamp and pick up.  They sound like really nice units.  Is that something I could install myself if I wanted to upgrade?

Again, thanks for your response.  You build a fantastic instrument and I look forward to years of enjoyment playing it.

-Joe Stidham

Dear Phil,

just to let you know that the lapstick was delivered today (had to re-schedule delivery), have not tried the headphone option but have been playing it through an amp and am very happy, easier to play than
I had expected.

Best wishes


Hi Phil, the Lapstick arrived this morning, all looking good.
Just settling in with it (getting used to the different scale) and minor adjustments to the action.
It is very well built and will travel well, a great product.
Thanks for all your help.

hi Phil the lapstick has arrived verry verry good… thanks. .a soon… ciao...ciao

Hi Phil,

I wanted to let you know that my Lapstick arrived in perfect condition.

I have been playing my regular guitar with a capo at the 5th fret, and knew all the measurements from your website.  I was still surprised how wonderfully small the Lapstick is when I actually got to hold it!  It should work great for business and personal travel and for keeping in my office for lunch hour practice without bothering my co-workers.

I would also like to compliment you on the craftsmanship that goes into these instruments.  The fit and finish is great.  As you said, it is a very pretty guitar.  I am very pleased with it.  The string clearance is also perfect.  I look forward to getting home tonight and tuning it up.

Thank you for your excellent communication, great customer service, and for taking the time to personally pick out the best instrument for me.

Thanks for the info on the Lapstick updates!  Please keep me informed on developments.
Yesterday, I flew from San Diego to Tulsa, Oklahoma on Southwest Airlines and played the Lapstick almost the whole 3 1/2 hour flight!  I sat in the window seat and it was no trouble at all!  Nobody was bothered and I had a blast!  Best flight I ever had! I fly back in a couple days, and I'll try and get a pic on my Blackberry and send it on to you.
You are welcome to use my comments on your website!
Take care!
- Corey

Hi Phil!

I just took delivery of my Lapstick the other day, and I've only got one word for it: WOW! It's such a beautiful instrument, and it sounds SO good! There is a little noise in the built in pre-amp, but when plugged into the Korg Pandora... WOW! :-) It's going to take some getting used to the smaller size of the fretboard, but I'm getting better at it day by day.

The only problem I have at the moment is with my girlfriend, who is getting rather grumpy because I can't seem to put my Lapstick down! ;-)
Thanks so much for providing us with such a great instrument!
All the best,

Hi Phil,
thank you for your mail with tipps for restring the Lapstick.

After a few days of playing I like my lapstick very  much. Thank you !!
It fits perfekt for travelling and I will have it with me from now on.(I am a tourguide)
It was humming a bit when I was playing over an normal amp. I soldet the jack better to the platin. Now it is fine.
I found no earphones in your package. Is that normal or did you forgot it (you still sell it whith earphones at


Hi Phil - lapstick arrived, and in great working order thanks!
It's definitely got that "Tele twang" about it - makes quite a nice change change to have something so bright around the flat (after my staple diet of thick-necked Les Pauls).
Interested in trying out some thicker gauge strings and a slightly lower tuning (which I guess might also mellow her out a little more) - what would you recommend?  Are there any dangers to the guitar itself in going for very thick gauge (in terms of ripping the bridge off etc!)?
Was also wondering about the string-ball-ends sticking out from the ends of the tuning screws - is there a way to get them to recess properly (it seems like it's only the case for some of the strings).
Thanks very much - I'll spread the word... :-)

It's the perfect airplane guitar! Carried it on my monthly SoCal to NorCal and back run. Wow! It's light. It fits under the seat. It sets up in an instant. And, it has big sound. I've re-strung it with D'addario jazz lights (0.012-0.052) and tuned down to GCFA#DG. The only problem is a little buzz on the low G. I raised the lowest string and re-intonated but there is still a very trivial level of first fret buzz. Is there an easy way to raise the string at the nut end? At first glance it looks like a small shim would do the job, which involves taking the nut assembly off an then back on....not a big deal, but more than I have time for at the moment. The buzz is pretty trivial so, unless there's an easy fix that I don't see right now, I'm extremely happy to live with it for a while until I get more of a feel for playing it and which tuning I like.

It's not a travel guitar. It's a small electric guitar that you can take with you. There's a big difference.



Lapstick arrived. It's perfect! Thank you. Just in time for a road-test tomorrow on Southwest airlines-- by usual south to north trip in California. Taking the lapstick, my trusty PX4, and headphones. After playing a bit in the standard A tuning, I'm thinking about slightly heavier strings and tuning down to G. To maybe get a little more "baritone". The switch from the eadgbe to adgcea was amazingly easy.

Best Regards,

Hi Phil:
Lapstick is here safe and sound and a true thrill to hold in my hands.
What a work of Art it truly is to behold.  The design and degree of luxury finish is beyond anything I expected from seeing it on the website.  I think I must design a glass case in my Living Room to display it in when it is not being played.
It looks like an "Objet d' Art" from a Museum.  Magnifique.
You are a genius to have created something of such rare Beauty.  If more people knew about the Lapstick I think you would be flooded with orders.  I will tell everyone I meet.
A million thanks for getting your Lapstick to me.  It will be my greatest treasure to carry with me always.
All the Best, Phil, to you and your company.
You are a unique human being.
David Pakter,
Proud Lapstick Owner
New York City, USA

Hi Phil,
The lapstick is great, I've got to hand it to you guys, you've got a very nice product.  I'm taking to India for 10 days or so will transform my downtime in hotels!


Hi Phil
Ok thanks, the guitar arrived sometime last week while I was away, many thanks, Oh! its great
I immediately modified a few things to suit my set up, already did a performance
at the Art museum in Nantes, with the lapstick, and now added a few extra things, and strangely
I'm in Amsterdam! I guess it was home sick ! (at the  Sonic Arts XIII! Paradiso thurs 25th) give me a call if you're
thanks again
All the best

Hi Phil
The lapstick arrived in good condition. It is a superb lesson in functional design and I'm looking forward to giving it many hours of use. I'm very pleased. I'll let you know how I get on with it a couple of months down the road.

Hi Phil!

I found a new guitarist inside me with Lapstick. First it was little
difficult to find chords but now I can play same songs than with my
Stratocaster. I also undertand why you recommend tune Lapstick to A. I
tried with 14 strings tune to E but it didn't work. the best stings
for me is 10 and tuning in A.

Best Regards


Hi Phil!

I got your AWESOME Lapstick today!


Insanely beautiful gorgeous sound & play ability with Astounding Tininess.

Thanks Phil!! You're truley Master!

Here's photo of My Suhr Modern , Lapstick Standard , Redemptionist(my designed pedal.

I'll order some new one later and Of course I will tell my friend about this AWESOME Instrument!

Thank you again!


Thank you Phil!!!! It's just what I need. You are a genius ! sorry if I was frustrated but it's a lot of money even if I regret not to know sooner  that this instrument exists!
I won't be ever alone! It's perfect for picking, blues... be sure if I lose or damage it during transport (...!) I'll buy a new one without any hesitations.



The instrument is fantastic. I have already taken it on two short trips and begin an around the world over a month starting today. It has also tightened up my general playing, even on bass

Sadly the bag has already required some repairs. I am likely to comission a replacement when I return to Australia.


Hi Phil,

I am sorry for late reply, having been busy of my work.
My LAPSTICK arrived on Dec.27. and nothing to get damaged.
Thank you very much for your good job.

Now I put the strings .012-.056 set to regular E-tuning,
a little narrower on the 6th strings slot of headpiece.
But it is not a serious problem.

At the session, players around me were so surprised to see this smaller guitar,
and amazed the tone.
Then I found that I had to practice to play this another guitar-like
this great instrument, not to bend the strings wildly, etc..
At next gig, I will try G-tuning with your advice.

Anyway, I have to say thank you again having sent me this great little one,
and lead me to the new world of string-instruments.
I hope you to keep making LAPSTICKs so long.

Best Regards,

Hiro Taka

Dear Phil:
I am enjoying playing my Lapstick guitar.
I admire your great invention with quality and taste.

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the really compact and wonderful guitar - I really enjoy playing it.

Best regards,

Andrew Chang

Hi Phil,
I'm very happy with my LAPSTICK and I fall in love with it !
This tiny instrument is realy amazing : I have try it in a guitar amp (tube amp LANEY) and with a PANDORA PX 4 and the sound is very good in both cases and it 's quite easy to play with it after a short adaptation time.
Thank you another time and I wish you a happy new year.

Alain, France

Hi Phil,

I just received my Lapstick today. It took some time but it was worth it.
I'm very pleased to see that it's even smaller than I imagined it would be.
The sound is very good and the guitar is really playable. It's going to take
some time to get acquainted with it, but I'm really looking forward to that. :)

Thanks again and I wish you all the best in the future,

Patrik Sahinovic, Croatia

Hi Phil
I just got your email-my pfizer account has filled completely during the hols.  I got the Lapstick.  It's really great-I'm very happy with it.   The special wood looks really beautiful.   It will be just what I need on my travels next year.  Thanks very much for your patience with the delivery, payment hassles, and for making me such a lovely instrument. 
Keir UK

I wanted to let you know I received the Lapstick a few weeks ago, but have been traveling out of the country so haven’t been able to play with it until today. It is a beautiful instrument, wonderfully made in every way. It plays wonderfully, even when tuned down! What a fantastic Christmas gift for me!
I haven’t taken it on a plane yet, but I have a 16-hour flight coming up in a week, and I cannot wait to try it on the plane!
I have one question about the gig bag. I would like to put the gig bag into my roller carry-on suitcase instead of a standalone bag. I am looking for a gig bag that is half as wide as the one that came with the guitar. I can put the strap, extra strings, Pandora, and accessories in a separate bag. The gig bag as it is takes up a lot of depth in my suitcase.
I noticed the gig bag looks like two separate bags sewn together as there is a third zipper in the middle of the bag, but it does not look like that is a working zipper. Would it be possible for you to send me one or two more gig bags – bags that are *half* the width of the current gig bag (and has only one padded compartment for just the Lapstick)? I would be happy to ship the wide gig bag back to you in exchange, or pay for the extra bag or two. Please let me know if this is a possibility.
Merry Christmas and best regards,

Hi Phil,
Just to let you know that the Lapstick arrived yesterday. What a beautiful instument! After a quick tweak with the tuning, I spent 2 hours playing and am very happy with my early Christmas present! A great sounding guitar, I have also used it in conjunction with a Boss Micro BR digital eight track, which is just perfect for using when travelling.
Thank you very much for your excellent service and prompt despatch - I shall send you some photos as soon as I get a chance; perhaps you can use them on your website. I look forward to having a lot of fun with the Lapstick, which shall no doubt become a must take item on my future travels!
Thanks again for everything, and Merry Christmas!

2009 and earlier Lapstick travel guitar customer reactions

Hi Phil,  


I apologise for not letting you know earlier that i got the guitar! The delivery was super-quick (got here before my birthday - fantastic!) & basically i have only taken the Lapstick off to shower & sleep! I LOVE it! Its really beautiful too. Having it with me all the time has meant i have already come up with loads of new riffs/ideas & i've already used it to record the bones of several new songs. It has refreshed my creativity! It almost feels like a totally different instrument to a normal guitar, but i like that, & the different sound/playing style has opened new doors for me.

It took me a short time to get used to the shorter scale length & higher string tension (my other guitars are all tuned down), but i really love it! I must email you some recordings i've made when i'm happy with them!!?

Many thanks for such a cool & convenient guitar, & please pass on my thanks & respect to Phil!

I hope to buy another one these at some point, so keep up the good work!

Best wishes,


Jonny, UK

Hi Phil,

Got it and very impressed- 

Tks again

Colm, Ireland

Hi Phil.

Just to confirm that the lapstick arrived safely this afternoon.                   

Thanks for all your efforts to get it here on time. The workmanship looks great.

Best wishes,

Alan Beare, France

Dear Phil

Thanks for

a) having the Lapstick ready so fast and

b) inventing it and developing it further in the first place!

I love everything about the instrument, from the amazing workmanship to the sound - through either my little Marshall combo or the built in pre-amp.

I took it up to Hong Kong this week, and I couldn't believe how easily it fit into my hand-carry luggage.  I still had room for an extra pair of shoes, as well as all the clothes I needed.  I was intending to play for about 15 minutes my first night there, and of course wound up practicing for 90 minutes... which was exactly why I wanted one.

So thanks again.  I just wanted you both to know that you have another very happy customer, and that the Lapstick is a product that actually overdelivers against its promises.  I'm really impressed.

Best Regards,


Hi Phil,

As for first impressions, I wasn't completely sure that the lapstick

would be quite right for me, but actually im very impressed. Its a

very well made instrument, a good player as you said, in fact i think

it's exactly what i was after. I actually find it suits me very well,

and will no doubt be invaluable over the summer as I go hiking and

travelling. Anyway you've certainly come up with a very good and

useful instrument here, and I suspect i'm not the only one to say so.


Euan R


I was just about to email you, the lapstick came yesterday afternoon and I am more than happy with it, it is a great piece of kit, exactly what I was looking for. 

Thank you very much for sending it via DHL so I could get it before I travel next week. The only trouble I have is that my son wants to play it all the time as he loves it.


Thanks again, 

Graeme, Scotland

Hi Phil,

I thought i should give you some feedback on your lapstick, as it is a constant companion...Its great. It sings sweetly and enriches my life. 

I take it everywhere, and it has already been played on aeroplanes, coaches, trains, buses, cars. Hell i even played it on a tandem.It rocks. In a small way (-;

for my money what you have here is a design classic, done with superb care. 


Brooke, London

Hi Guy's

WOW!!  This is so cool. It sounds great (headphones and Fender Jazz King). It fits in my suitcase and will is going to be perfect. Thank you.


Best Regards,

Michael, Florida


I've just received the lapstick.

It's all ok.

It's amazing.

It's small.

It's great.

Thank's a lot.


Carles, Barcelona

It's here !!! :-)


Finally it arrived yesterday and I picked it up this evening. I like it a lot !! I haven't had the time to play a lot, but I am already convinced that this is a guitar that I will become found of :-)

I didn't even have to pay taxes, 'cause u sent it as 'a gift' ..  thank's a lot

once again...


Happy-Rolf  Norway

Hi Phil !

Thank you for e-mail to me.

I just got Lapstick.

This is great great innovation guitar.

Play feeling is good,

Pitch is also good,

I played my band Acousphere's tune,

There are no problem with that.

So I will use this Lapstick as my backup guitar from now.

Thank you for making great guitar for us.


Shigeyuki, Tokyo

Hi Phil,

I was going to write you anyway because the lapstick has arrived yesterday! I played the whole afternoon! What can I say man, it's really amazing! The sound is great. Setup was fine. And it looks beautiful! It's really funny when I play for a couple of hours the lapstick and then I go back to my Gibson... at the beginning it feels like a huge thing in my hands (or that I got smaller maybe). The time to get used to the lapstick didn't take that long and getting back to a real guitar, I already feel a difference in my playing (althought it might be just psychological) not only on the left hand but also on the right (I feel my touch is getting smoother). Well I 'm definitely lovin it. Can wait to take it on the road. I 'm certainly gonna compose some stuff on it and even use it on a live setting. Maybe I'll send you an mp3 or something.

Again thanks for the lapstick and all your help.

Lapstick rules!




Achilles, Greece


I received the Lapstick in good order.  I have not put it down yet!  It is a thing of beauty.  I have been able to adapt to it rather quickly and am practicing on it this evening.  I will let you know what I think in a few days.  Thanks so much for all of your help! Not only is the product unique but the service has been second to none.  I feel as if I know you with all of the communication.  Thanks for a great



Hi Phil,

The guitar has been great, a saving grace on my trips.  For the first time in years I feel like I'm improving since I can now play consistently and on a quality instrument.  

Thanks, Jeremy, Arizona

I have enjoyed the Lapstick immensely.  The only issue I have is that I carry it everywhere now.  It goes to work, on trips (I went to the mountains for Christmas) and to relatives houses for family visits.  It is so relaxing.  You were right, it only took me an hour or so to adapt to its scale.  I do have problems with some chords being so tight, but I have found that when I switch back to a full size guitar, I am all that more mindful of my positioning due to the low tolerance for inaccuracy of the Lapstick.

Thank you for a wonderful instrument.  I will keep my eye on your website for updates to your product line.  I wish you well in all of your endeavors and appreciate your professional courtesy and personalized service.

A satisfied customer,

Tony, North Carolina 

Hi Phil,

Thank you for thinking of us lefties!!

We always become sad when we walk into a guitarstore because of the limited amount of lefthanded I'm extremely pleased lefthanded lapstick versions are available!

I've been playing my lefthanded lapstick for a few months now and I must say I'm very happy with it. It sounds great thru my Pandora and I've got the feeling my guitar playing really improved already.

I bought it to be able to have a guitar with me whenever I'm on a surftrip but at the moment I realize that I also reach for my lapstick when I'm just chilling on the couch at home..



Koen, Netherlands


Thanks! It arrived today about 3pm.

I need to download the manual & get to grips with tuning & so on, but the
instrument is a work of art. Even my good lady wife is impressed!

Been playing around with it & so far found the fretting easy enough ( I
normally strum an acoustic). Love the distortion.

Off to Newcastle tomorrow, so I'll get a couple of hours on the train to

Paul, Edinburgh.


I received the guitar last night. Unbelievable. Functionally and  aesthetically, it's one of the best crafted instruments I've ever seen. I
like the on-board pre-amp, but I haven't had the chance to run it through a
full rig yet.

 I'm very impressed with the responsiveness of the fretboard, the action
and tonality. Thanks again for your help.

John, Vermont

Hi Phil,

The Lapstick is going well! I roadtested it flying to Houston, and then New Orleans. Great for the airport - doesn't bother anyone with my bad playing, odd-chord experimentation and it's great to have instant setup and packup. It makes a good addition to my on-road practice regime.


Shannon Birchall, Australia

Hi Phil,

I have received the Lapstick yesterday and I must say I'm not disappointed. It's so damn small I couldn't believe ;-) It plays really well though I have to get used to the scale of the device. Surprisingly, the most difficult aspect is not the fretboard, but the overall mass of the instrument, it does not resist the pressure of the body, so I have to treat it like I was playing a guitar cut out of paper ;-) But that's cool, it stimulates versatility and precision. At the same time, it's super-mobile.


Thanks again for this useful invention, that's exactly what I was looking for!

All the best,



Pawel, Poland


I got back from a short vacation today and my Lapstick has arrived.  I have been playing it (instead of working) for the past hour.  It is FABULOUS!!!!  Everything you promised and more.  Much much better tone than my traveller.  Very nice action.  Thanks again for setting it up.  And both clear and distorted channels work perfectly with the headphones.

All in all, a very sweet little instrument with a BIG SOUND.  I love it.  Thank you so much for the excellent service and attention to my order and for the excellent travel guitar.  Hard to find anything close at this or any other price.

I am a customer for life.  Let me know if you decide to make a graphite or other model.  I will keep up with your web site.  Great work.  I am flying out again in two days and now know how I will pass the time on the plane.


David L. California

Hi Phil,

The guitar arrived today in perfect condition, thanks.

Played through a variety of tube amps, it sounds awesome through my Matamp 1224, and the custom made "Wattie".

It's coming with me to the UK tomorrow for the weekend, with the PX4 so I can get used to the shorter scale.

You really did a fine job Phil, thanks again!


- Alan W. Switzerland

Hi Phil,

Nice to hear from you. Firstly, my apologies for not getting back to you with feedback on the Lapstick.  I opened the box on the first day then spent three hours playing.  I love it.  In line with other comments I’ve seen on your website, the first surprise is that it was smaller than I was expecting, and a perfect fit for my case.  The second is that it is easier to play than I was expecting, the action is lighter than my Les Paul.  The third, not surprise but pleasure is that it’s a real work of art and I’m delighted to own this handmade beautiful instrument.

I took it along to my guitar teacher, Nick Williams, the week it arrived, and he was just impressed that it works so well as an instrument with all the correct intonation.  So all in all it’s a big hit, and I’m so pleased I came across the Lapstick site.



Best regards,

Bradley S. UK


I just got the Lapstick today! AWESOME!!! I love it! 

I have been playing with it! It's a beautiful piece of work! The workmanship

is excellent! Again I congratulate you on an excellent work of art! I can't wait to bring it along on my next flight/business trip.


Andy, Taiwan

Hi Phil, This beautifully crafted guitar has become like an extra limb.
Thank you!

George, UK

Hi Phil,

I just got back from overseas, I didn't manage get it before I left on
my trip. It arrived the day after I let, what luck. But I got it
mailed down to where I was overseas. Thanks for that, it sounds really
great. I played it on the plane a couple times and it didn't disturb

Justin, Melbourne

Hey Phil,

Yes I got it a couple of weeks ago and it's great. It was 25 years since I played a guitar but it works perfectly.
Thanks and regards,
Andre, Philipines

Hi Phil
Just wanted to let you know that my Lapstick turned up today - and I must say, I was not disappointed.

I have to hand it to you - it really is a thing of beauty. Not just a guitar - but a work of art !

I also wanted to say that I really liked the little touches. Not just a case for the guitar, but a dual compartmented case for leads etc, and it's own carry strap. Having the unit pre-loaded with a 9v battery, tuned up, and ready to play straight out of the box - awesome !

As expected, it felt a bit strange at first, but within 30 minutes, it felt really natural. The comment on your website about using the strap (even when sitting) was a great tip.

So yes, please add me to your ever growing list of happy customers who love your product and admire your quality workmanship - thank you.

At first, I thought it was quite a bit of money for this item, but after seeing, playing and already enjoying the versatility of the lapstick, I now think it is actually the best money I have ever spent on a guitar related purchase.

I would not be surprised if an original Phil Neal Lapstick is worth more in the years to come than I originally paid for it.

Best of luck to you Phil - keep up the great work, and thank you !


Shane Hall
New Zealand

Phil. As expected, I received a little brown box today. At first I though this couldn't be it, it was so light. Then I opened the box, and I have not been disappointed! I love your work. I have been playing by lapstick for about an hour now, and I took to it like a fish to water. Chord play is simple, and finger picking sounds good with the heavy strings. Right now my girlfriend is playing it, and she likes it too!


I like the craftmanship. You have obviously spent a lot of time and thought designing this instrument.  The finish is professional and carrys the trademark imperfections that I would completely expect from a handcrafted instument, have you used ash on the back? The hardware is very nice. I like the cover on the nut, it is a nice touch.


From the pics on your website, I thought that the volume dial might be a hindrance, but I am pleased too say it is not. I also like the bridge. It gives you somewhere to rest your left hand, but I am trying hard not to do this, because I think my picking will improve if my hand floats above the guitar.


The electrics are good, and it sounds great through the headphones, especially on the clean sound, and I have briefly tried it through the yamaha DG 80-210 modelling amp, and I am pleased to report it does not sound thin at all.


In short Phil, I am so pleased that I made this decision. It is everything I am looking for in a travel guitar, and more besides. I will be jamming this weekend and will take it with me instead of my Yamaha SG and see what other people make of it. it is bound to attract some serious attention!!


Many Thanks for your work.


Matthew Butterworth, UK

Hello Phil, The lapstick arrived and is beautiful I am enjoying every minute with it. I was wondering if you have ever made a lapstick with a standard length 20 fret neck? Hope you had a wonderful holiday. You are a gifted artist!!!! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jerome, Indiana

Hi Phil,

I am very happy to tell you that my daughter called me at work today and let me know that the Lapstick arrived.  The guitar was certainly worth the wait!  I have been playing it for the last half hour and the only reason I stopped was to let you know that I received it and that I am very happy with the product.  Now the bad news... My wife came home and after looking it over- (smiling the entire time) she informed me that it had to be wrapped up and put under the Christmas tree.  ;-)


I also found out today that I will get my opportunity to take it on the road soon enough.  I have a trip to St. Louis coming up in early January.


By the way, I have some friends and 2 brothers that are eager to hear what I have to say about the Lapstick, and to check it out.  If they are even half as satisfied as I am, you can probably look forward to more orders.


Thanks very much for your attention to my order, and an excellent product.

I really like it, It's perfect for playing in those lost hours and you can make a lot of progress. In fact you just start flying.
J. Hiele, Netherlands

The little guy goes with me everywhere I go.
 Ave Vinick, Boston


I LIKE IT Ilike it .

It's so cool, I'll be in touch

regards NikO C. Den Haag, Netherlands

Dear Phil,
Just a line to say that I recently bought one of your superb lapstick guitars from Andy's in London.
I have set it up tuned to A and set the action to around 2.5mm bass to 1.5mm treble and the intonation to suit. Great design for the saddles and tuners. I have a collection of around 10 travel guitars and this Lapstick just about makes them all redundant!
The unplugged sound is sparkling and it does seeem to improve your playing, because when you go back to a normal guitar you seem to fly around the neck and even have new chord shapes to work with that you find on the shorter scale of the Lapstick.

Often on the weekends I travel down to our residential caravan on the West Wales coast at Tenby. I plug the Lapstick into a Zoom PS-02 which is about the size of two cigarette packets and has full effects, drum & bass machine and Smart Media digital recording. It even fits into the Lapstick gig bag. If friends come around for a jam I plug the Lapstick into a battery operated Pignose amplifier. So my full musical travel kit is tiny.
I took it to rehearsals with the band last week and just went straight into the mixing desk. It certainly is a little attention seeker!
Regards, Mike Hagland, Wales

Hi Phil
Thanks for the Lapsticks. The boys are thrilled.
Joel Baldwin, Conneticut

Hi Phil,
regarding my Lapstick: firstly I've had an enormous amount of fun
just playing this guitar. That is basically the most important thing. I've broken my own record by playing for five hours non-stop with no sign of fatigue! The instrument demands discipline and accuracy which really pays off when you go back to a normal guitar neck.
Ben van Rijn, Netherlands

Thank you for making this wonderful instrument.

Roland Turbinsky, Netherlands

Hi Neal,
The Lapstick is great. Now that I'm used to it I even prefer it to my normal guitar. Last friday I took it to a jam session, it was fantastic.
Best regards, Theo, Netherlands

News from France
 hi Phil,
First of all, everything happened as expected and I thank you for that.
I found the lapstick when I arrived at the hotel ,wright there, looking very good. When I played it , I was not disappointed because it sounds great !
By a little bit of practice, I am sure I will get used with the fingerboard and the balance of the instrument.
The lapstick is a wonderful and very convenient instrument;I take it in
my suitcase for all of my travels.
So thanks again for making and delivering such a nice instrument.
Best regards.
Régis. France

Hi Phil

Because I was rather busy (and travelling) I was rather brief last time I replied, sorry for that.
So here is to let you know that the lapstick is just so much fun. It takes some getting used to this puny thing, but then it's just great. Of course the pandora makes it even better. Last week I got myself a good headphone so I'm all set to become a Lapstick addict!
I hope it is or will be a succesful business for you, and I will
certainly endorse it with my guitar playing friends.

Best regards,
John Allen, Netherlands

Hey Phil,
I got the guitar yesterday and I still haven't put it down. I head out for Arizona tomorrow morning so the guitar will have its first real road test...ill let you know how it goes.  I can't believe how small it actually is and how well it plays!
The first test went great...i played the lapstick no problem on a 5 hour flight in a middle seat!
anyhow, I'm thrilled and i look forward to some directions!
I want to thank you for creating an instrument that I can take with me on the road and literately play anywhere. Stressful days become ok knowing I can play the guitar after the work is done, or sometimes in between.

-jordan, Boston

Hi Phil! Thanks for the manual.

After the week of dealing with Lapstick I can finally share my first impressions with you.
1. Look and feel.
Lapstick looks greater than on the photo. When I first opened a gigbag i was very surprised with the size. Actually i thought it would be larger! 
2. Sound
Well, what to say... First i didn't like it much. I even thought about returning the lapstick. But once i set down and started to play. And the sound become cooler and cooler! I don't know why. Maybe because I tuned it from E to F#, maybe smth else happened. But the fact is: the clean sound is very very cool! I play it through Yerasov GTA30R tube amp and the bass is unbelivable strong: it is amazing how it can sound so tasty with so small size! (probably it is because mahogany wood and thick strings?).
To sum up, i'm very excited playing the lapstick and wish you good luck in further development of a new kind of instrument. I will provide you more feedback in the future after i practice more with it.

Alex, Moscow

Hi Phil,

The lapstick arrived this afternoon-  it's genius! It's even smaller and

lighter than i thought it was going to be and it's got a really good sound. 

Thank you!!  It's perfect, i'm very pleased!

I'll keep you updated on how i get on with it on my travels

Many thanks,

Hannah UK

Yes!  It came Wednesday night.  I got a chance to play with it some yesterday.  I think it is going to be wonderful -- exactly what I needed!  It will fit perfectly into my laptop carrying bag (for a 17 inch laptop screen) even with my laptop and some portable speakers.  This means my guitar and me will never be seperated because it will come with me in my carry-on luggage, into my office, on the train, and even into the board room.  It is a terrific creation, Phil.  Thank you for investing the time to craft such an invention.

Charles, Atlanta

Maestro Phil,
I just wanted to thank you very very much for the awesome guitar I picked up last week. I absolutely love it.
I will take it to Melbourne with me this month and show it to a few guitar dudes to get their response.
Take care.

Cheers/Justin, Australia

"I have been playing the Lapstick for the past 1/2 hour dry, and I don't want to put  the guitar down.  You have really got a great product and I have been telling my guitar friends about you.  Now I can show them the product.  I am looking foward to your updated web site.  Now I can take the the guitar on trips and not have to worry about it being damaged by the airlines which has happend to me in the past."



Howard. Tennessee

Hi Phil


I just wanted to drop you guys a quick note to say thanks for the Lapstick. I have been enjoying it tremendously and recently ‘field tested’ it on a 4 day trip to Cambodia. I played it every day and it helped me wile away those hours of downtime in the hotel. You can tell I am passionate about the product! J  I love it and play it at home even when not travelling. I intend to do some videos of me shredding on it in the near future and will stick these on YouTube.


Again, thanks for a great guitar – this will travel the world with me for years to come.


Kind regards


Ed, Asia

Dear Phil,


I have just received the blue lapstick.

I am very happy to see the beautiful instrument.

It is more wonderful than my expectation. 

Thank you again.



Kunihiro, Japan

Sorry I haven't had time to write back lately, but I got the lapstick safe and sound a couple days ago (Tuesday).

About the lapstick itself, boy oh boy, is it great! I love it. I will do a detailed write up for your website as well as send a picture as soon as I get more acquainted with it and have more details to write. 

Thanks once again Phil! I'm really enjoying playing the lapstick. More to come later...


Jackson, Korea



The guitar arrived today, It’s beautiful, and much smaller than I expected. I now understand the comment about having to be more precise with the finger placement. Thank you very much it is even nicer than I imagined. 



Hello Phil,

You've done a great job with the Lapstick, it is a brilliant invention. 

Yours sincerely,


Daniel, France

"I have been playing the Lapstick for the past 1/2 hour dry, and I don't want to put  the guitar down.  You have really got a great product and I have been telling my guitar friends about you.  Now I can show them the product.  I am looking foward to your updated web site.  Now I can take the the guitar on trips and not have to worry about it being damaged by the airlines which has happend to me in the past."

 Howard. Tennessee

Hi Phil

I just wanted to drop you guys a quick note to say thanks for the Lapstick. I have been enjoying it tremendously and recently ‘field tested’ it on a 4 day trip to Cambodia. I played it every day and it helped me wile away those hours of downtime in the hotel. You can tell I am passionate about the product! J  I love it and play it at home even when not travelling. I intend to do some videos of me shredding on it in the near future and will stick these on YouTube.Again, thanks for a great guitar – this will travel the world with me for years to come. J

Kind regards
Ed, Asia