Lapstick travel guitar movies and YouTube travel guitar movies

Lapstick Travel Guitar interview with Mike Stern

Bill Ladick asks Mike Stern's opinion of the Lapstick as a travel and practice guitar.

Phil Neal, designer of the lapstick travel guitar (Dutch with English subs)

Video documentary about Phil Neal, guitar builder, designer and guitarist. An inside look in his workshop and the story of how the lapstick came to be.

Lapstick Travel Guitar vs Gibson 175 Archtop Jazz-Guitar

Even though the Lapstick is tiny and marketed as a "travel guitar", Karmar101 thinks it is a legitimate jazz guitar totally on par with a Gibson 175. To prove his point in this video, he goes back and forth between playing his Lapstick guitar and his Gibson 175.

Summertime on Lapstick travel guitar

Jonathan plays Summertime on a standard Lapstick travel guitar, producing the typical Lapstick travel guitar sound: full and clean.

lbx live in syndicaat with the lapstick

Nicko Christiansen has been taking the lapstick all over Europe with the Living Blues Experience. Cool.