Lapstick travel guitar - frequently asked questions

How long do batteries last?

Batteries tend to last on average about sixty hours, depending on the quality. Playing an hour a day, you can get about two months out of each battery. Although this is a long time, I recommend using rechargeable batteries. Always remove the headphones when you are not using the Lapstick, this disconnects the battery. Using the Lapstick electric guitar as a normal electric guitar requires no battery at all.

How should I tune the Lapstick?

Because the Lapstick electric guitar has a shorter scale than a normal guitar, it is tuned higher. We normally tune the Lapstick electric guitar to A on the first and sixth string, this is like putting a capo on the fifth fret of the guitar. Transposing keys is easy in A and the string tension feels good.
If you tune to B or Bb you may prefer the tone. Some people use heavy strings and tune to G. It is a surprising effect to hear such a deep sound from such a small instrument. Basically, there are no rules on this one, feel free to experiment. however because of the short scale length (455mm) we do not recommend tuning to standard E. The shorter string length is essential to make playing possible in constricted spaces such as in a plane.

How about changing strings?

Anyone familiar with locking tremolo systems will have no problem changing strings on the Lapstick. If you are not then don't worry, it's simple. Just consult the online manual. Should you lose the hex key required, this can be purchased inexpensively at any hardware store. The same goes for the clamping screws.

How does the Lapstick electric guitar compare to playing a full-size guitar?

When playing the Lapstick electric guitar you must be more precise in both your left and right hand technique than on a full-size instrument.
As it happens, some players have no trouble at all with this, others may take ten minutes or half an hour to adjust. All players report an improvement in their guitar playing after spending time on the Lapstick.
It's a bit like lifting weights, after you get used to a heavier weight going back to a light weight seems so easy. Likewise going back to your normal guitar if you have been practicing on the Lapstick electric guitar is really great. Your technique is so much more precise, you can really burn.

What kind of wood is the Lapstick electric guitar made of?

After a great deal of experimenting, we have settled on certain types of tonewood both for sound and ease of construction. We prefer mahogany and rosewood for the standard instruments, maple fingerboards are an option. We also make custom instruments. The Lapstick electric guitar has an elegant shape which shows off a beautifully figured piece of wood to it's best advantage. Flamed maple, rosewood, purpleheart and many other types of tonewood will all make a unique and beautiful instrument. Send us an email with your ideas for an estimate.

Can I order a special Lapstick?

Yes, by all means, Send an email if you require a left-handed model or if you prefer a different type of tonewood than usual.

What do I get when I order my Lapstick?

The Lapstick electric guitar comes standard with strap, tools and spare parts. All of the above are housed in a separate compartment of the tailor made gig bag. This compartment is also handy for storing your head phones, sheet music, tuner, MP3 player etc.

How can I buy my Lapstick?

We prefer to use the PayPal's organization to accept payments and process credit cards. This system will be familiar to anyone who has ever bought anything from eBay. If you aren’t familiar with the Paypal system you can get all information at the PayPal site. Opening a Paypal account is free of charge and very convenient for online purchases. If you don't have a credit card or Paypal account, other methods of payment are also possible, just send an email.

What if I don't like my Lapstick?

If you decide that the Lapstick electric guitar is not the answer to your travel guitar needs, you may return it undamaged within two weeks for a full refund.

How tough is the Lapstick?

Designed for the road, the body and hardware are practically impossible to break. Just handle the Lapstick electric guitar as you would any other quality instrument and it will give you many years of trouble-free playing. If you do develop problems, please let us know. Since we make our own instruments we can offer a complete back up service.

Can I really play the Lapstick electric guitar in a plane, train, car etc.?

No problem.