Lapstick travel guitar functions

The Lapstick travel guitar is designed for playing and practicing while travelling. Typically, it is used with a pair of good quality headphones plugged into the headphones output. There are three sounds on the preamp: normal, overdrive and distortion. This function uses the 9 volt battery installed inside. Expect about 50 hours of use with a standard quality battery. Alternately an external effect processor can be used. There are quite a few of these micro effects units on the market that also offer tuner, metronome and rhythm tracks as well as hundreds of sounds. This function uses the direct output and does not use the internal battery.

The Lapstick travel guitar can also be plugged into an amplifier or computer. The battery is not engaged and the instrument functions as a normal electric guitar with a volume control.

In addition to these functions there are other applications too numererous to mention. For instance: using easily available adaptors the Lapstick travel guitar can be played over a normal stereo, television or (car) radio. Using mini MPE transmitters the Lapstick can be picked up on a car or hotel radio. The Lapstick travel guitar can be attached to an audio interface and used as a MIDI driver for digital recording with a desk or laptop computer, etc.