Lapstick - the ultimate travel guitar


Thanks for dropping in on the Lapstick site. The Lapstick travel guitar is a short scale electric guitar that is compact enough to fit into the pocket of an overcoat. It has a scale length 3/4 of a normal electric guitar and can be tuned a minor third (G) to a fifth (B) higher than normal. It is equipped with a battery-powered preamp which allows the use of headphones for situations that require silent, private practice time.

That's the short story. In fact the Lapstick travel guitar is much more, as you can discover by browsing through the site. The initial idea came from problems I encountered as a working guitarist. Perhaps the following sounds familiar: You spend many hours traveling when you would rather be practicing and preparing for your performance. After sitting in a car, airplane, bus or train for hours, you arrive at the gig and often have to play at short notice, while your hands are not properly warmed up. On the way to the gig you have a great idea for a song but you decide not to play it because there is no opportunity to check all the chord changes.

I listened to serious students and professional guitarists about solving these problems. The result is the Lapstick travel guitar. It can be played in practically any situation without disturbing the people around you. It can be amplified and recorded in several unique ways. The Lapstick travel guitar was designed for improving a players guitar technique, but I think you will agree that it is a fully fledged instrument in its own right. There are a lot of travel guitars out there and some of them are really good. The Lapstick travel guitar is different from all of these instruments because it was specifically designed to be played while traveling. You can play the Lapstick travel guitar while sitting in the passenger seat of an automobile without disturbing the driver. You can play the Lapstick travel guitar on an airplane while the passenger next to you reads his paper. Years of design and testing have refined the Lapstick travel guitar into an all-purpose practice and performance instrument which can be carried along and played anywhere.